When a person voluntarily or involuntarily leaves this world to go (as they say) to "better life," he often takes with him many things that were part of his life, and that in many cases, no one, neither friends, nor relatives , they will never know, things that perhaps the person would have liked to say, post or publish, confess, information that the person would like to share somehow; and much of that information can be very useful after the person is gone, such as the existence of documents such insurance, mortgages, testament, etc., passwords for mail or access to social networks, mobile phone PIN, credit cards PIN, etc., a thousand things.

An important and not very pleasant task, that the family or loved ones has to take over, is to locate who to notify, to know who were important for the person who left, what kind of relationship they had with, and what to say to each of them.
Surely if the person had the opportunity to prepare "the moment", had left messages, information, and shared things with each of the people who were part of their environment, doing it by using with his/her own words or images or music .. could you imagine that that was possible? Prepare in advance and conscientiously that "moment" in order to be able to say goodbye to everyone as we want, leave everything prepared and organized, and record all that we do not want to be lost in oblivion?

Well, the BYE-BYE-BOX team has made it possible, developing a web application, accessible and manageable from any type of device having connection to internet (personal computer, tablet or smartphone), thanks to its web-responsive technology, and without any application download or installation.
Through its web application, BYE-BYE-BOX provides us with:

a) All the necessary tools so that, without haste, we can prepare our "moment" in a simple, organized and structured way.
b) A "secure" automatic process that, when the "moment" arrives, will be responsible for sending your messages (text, video, audio) by mail, and distributing all contents that we have prepared, to the people that we have decided.